I am Ikuko, food writer & recipe developer and Japanese cookery teacher in UK. 

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I was born in Osaka, Japan which is commonly known as ‘the kitchen of Japan’. The city is famous for it’s culinary history and the people there are well known for being ‘down to earth’, kind and friendly which is usually attributed to the City’s trading history with the rest of the world.

Osaka Japan


Many times I was working in the family businesses and so my passion for cooking and food developed. My mother is a typical old style Japanese cook who taught me everything I know about preparing authentic Japanese food and an understanding of why certain types of food are good for you and why!

I came to the UK in 2009 to be married to my English husband who has encouraged me to share my passion for cooking with others. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you and show you how authentic Japanese food can be prepared and eaten without difficult techniques.

Since I started my cooking classes, I have had a lot of questions about Japanese everyday comfort food, easy lunch, breakfast, seasoning, local food, snack, culture and travel from my customers. So, I decided to start a Japanese food blog in English to introduce them.

Already, I have a cookery blog, recipes for Japan introducing English dishes and of course Japanese dishes and many of my recipes have featured in a Japanese food journal magazine. I was very pleased to have been voted into the magazine by my food blog followers.

Please do not worry about your technical ability as many of the dishes we will create together are everyday ‘staples’ for many Japanese families. I will explain to you which seasoning and ingredients do we choose. Above all I want you to enjoy the experience and learn something about our cuisine and culture at the same time.