Hashioki (Chopstick Rest)

What is a Chopstick rest?

A chopstick rest (Hashioki) is piece of Japanese tablewear. Hashi means Chopstick, Oki means keep or put.
Here is my collection of  Hashioki. We use them every time we have Japanese food at home.
In Japan, we like to depict the  seasons with the Hasioki for example March to April is  cherry blossom season (Sakura) So I would  use the cherry hashioki as seen in the photo below.
Japanese Chopstick Rest Hashioki


The Hashioki below represents the Sea Bream We call them Tai and to the Japanese they  are thought of as the  King of fish. Tai is considered by the Japanese.We have Tai dishes to celerbrate New year  and other important celebrations like birthdays, graduations and weddings.

Japanese Chopstick Rest Hashioki


Some times I set Hashioki like this  photo below. But the correct way is to set the hasioki so your chopsticks are parallel with the table edge as seen in the first photo.Japanese Chopstick Rest Hashioki


This is home made Ganmodoki (fried tofu ball in a broth) from my Zen class (Vegetarian Syojin ryori class).Ganmodoki -Fried tofu ball in a broth


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